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Friday, November 4, 2011

I Have Madd Style

I was a runner up on a Facebook contest at Madd Style Cosmetics Facebook Page

And got waaaay more than I expected. I jumped for joy to be able to try out the

HOUSE OF HORRORS COLLECTION: six vegan Halloween inspired eye shadows

Then there was the goodies, Mo is just THE best!

Stickers and Samples! Woot.

Clamshell Samples including the Pop and Lock primer. 

I was really amazed that the samples other than the House of Horrors collection were shades that I didn't have and also were in the same color shades of colors that I do have..Now THAT is attention to detail.

The cute card and more stickers! STICKERS! Woot

Over Nyx Eyeshadow Base 

Color Descriptions Borrowed from the Artfire Shop 
♥ WITCH'S BREW is a darkend true green color with a golden shift.

♥ ICHABOD is a vibrant pumpkin orange with yellow-gold glitter.

♥ REDRUM is a wine/merlot red color with green and pink glitter.

♥ PLAN 9 is black LOADED with holo glitter!! 

♥ GROOVIE GHOULIE is a satin white.

♥ PURPLE PEOPLE EATER is a darkend purple with fall inspired glitter (brown, gold, orange and red).

I AM SOOOOOO buying the collection after payday!

If you head on over to the Madd Style FB page (linked above) I hear there's going to be another contest. *wink*

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