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Monday, June 11, 2012

Jealous Girl Boner

This study break is brought to you by my new phrase "Jealous Girl Boner". Like when you see and hear the band Shatterline play for the first time. The band as a whole is totally awesome. I am not a "music nazi" or whatever you want to call it but after my experience with seeing the band...Why the fuck not write about it instead of focusing on lame douchebag getting married Wisconsin public drunkenness.

Anywhoo...back to why I had a Jealous Girl Boner. She sounds like the lovechild of a really awkward orgy (and this probably so hints at my age) like Alanis Morissette, David Draiman, and Morgan Lander's wicked awesome little pixie that growls. I guess it's a pretty obscene world when you have to realize wow, I played it off like I wasn't rocking out...but I was rocking out on the inside cause I was one jealous BitchCake. Oh, how I was jealous cause she was rocking out so awesome with such an awesome band.

ZOMG. (zombies-oh-my-goodness) I was being one of those girls I hated and really thought I wasn't. 

Oh...and one of the guitar or bass players looks like the Rob Zombie. Could have been the guy I said "I LIKE BEER! Gosh, you look like Rob Zombie" to almost five years back in some basement show. Would not be surprised if it was for the same guy so that's why I'm remembering these minute basement show details.

All in all...Two thumbs way up for Shatterline.

Oh...and since I'm on a roll, linkage.

Beer Boobies  & A Birthday Party: My Rocking Twenty-Something-Birthday!
Special Thanks To:  Expansion Theory Productions AND (listed alphabetically not to name any favorites)
Bound for Severance
Candy Machine Guns
Rancor's Revenge &

Maybe thinking I could design and order some really neat t-shirts. Including at least 1 pink one to be signed and raffled away for some kind of charity. Beer Boobies & A Birthday Party memories for everyone. I know I want one cause my creative juices and thoughts have gone mental.


Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Broke But Occasionally Spoiled

A couple weeks ago I went with my mom to get her haircut and totally drooled over this shampoo set. So when I happened to stop by and there was only one left I grabbed it with joy and no regrets.

Honestly I have sworn that I would not be the kind of girl that spent $15 on one hair care product but for $20 to get all three is totally awesome. I've only used it a few times and it smells REALLY good. 

Annnnd....If that's not to squeal over there's this. *squee*

I'm not a Twi-hard but this is a totally awesome color and a totally awesome brand at a totally awesome price..I haven't even seen the new movie yet..

An eyeshadow look I did with the Wet and Wild Christmas Limited Edition....And lined with Poison Berry by Madd Style Cosmetics. 

Monday, November 28, 2011

Friday, November 4, 2011

I Have Madd Style

I was a runner up on a Facebook contest at Madd Style Cosmetics Facebook Page

And got waaaay more than I expected. I jumped for joy to be able to try out the

HOUSE OF HORRORS COLLECTION: six vegan Halloween inspired eye shadows

Then there was the goodies, Mo is just THE best!

Stickers and Samples! Woot.

Clamshell Samples including the Pop and Lock primer. 

I was really amazed that the samples other than the House of Horrors collection were shades that I didn't have and also were in the same color shades of colors that I do have..Now THAT is attention to detail.

The cute card and more stickers! STICKERS! Woot

Over Nyx Eyeshadow Base 

Color Descriptions Borrowed from the Artfire Shop 
♥ WITCH'S BREW is a darkend true green color with a golden shift.

♥ ICHABOD is a vibrant pumpkin orange with yellow-gold glitter.

♥ REDRUM is a wine/merlot red color with green and pink glitter.

♥ PLAN 9 is black LOADED with holo glitter!! 

♥ GROOVIE GHOULIE is a satin white.

♥ PURPLE PEOPLE EATER is a darkend purple with fall inspired glitter (brown, gold, orange and red).

I AM SOOOOOO buying the collection after payday!

If you head on over to the Madd Style FB page (linked above) I hear there's going to be another contest. *wink*

Monday, October 17, 2011

Madd Style Cosmetics Effin Rocks

I was meaning to post this before...better late than never.

This order was for Snuffy's Birthday. When you ordered the 5 for $20 deal you also received a surprise piggie and (I think free shipping). It arrived a couple weeks before my birthday, so this was a SPECIAL treat.

The carefully wrapped package.

Neatly packaged. Loved the detail.

I know what's goin on my face.

Snuffy was the Surprise Piggie!!

Quick Swatches on NYX Primer 
Princess Buttahcup, Andraste's Grace, Outlaw Star, Snuffy, Secret Sinner, Coacoa Cuff

Madd Style Cosmetics on Artfire

Free Stuff!


Before becoming a makeup maniac I only used maybe one blush and those crappy applicators.

While I was at Walgreens a friend that I used to work with asked me if I would use this stuff. I yippeed for some awesome new products.

I've never actually used a flat iron. But now I really want one, also cause my next do is going to be punky short choppy.

Made it a whole lot easier to sit and watch my boyfriend play video games for another five hours straight.